Close Calls

  1. December 2, 2010 at 4:35 am

    In my early years of carpentry I was like a walking accident so I learned to watch out for myself. But one day will always stand out as beyond normal. I was mixing concrete in a wheel barrel in a driveway in front of a flat roofed house/garage. The roof crew was working right over us. They had a big pile of rock and were hauling it onto the roof in a very large bucket with a small crane. It would pass right over my head with each load. I asked the operator if there was any danger and he assured me there was no problem. I still felt nervous so I simply moved to the front of the wheel barrel. Less than a minute later that bucket feel off and fell right where I was standing. It broke the handles of my wheel barrel so there is no mistake about who it would have hit. It would have crushed me flat!!! It was scary and humbling. I definitely gave thanks to God.

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